Funds needed for Diesel's surgery


10 year old Diesel was dumped at a pound by his owners who didn't want to look after an old dog.

When he came into care he had a terrible skin condition, a nasty ear infection and had rotten teeth that need removing. He was also limping quite badly. Since being in his foster home getting the love and vet care he needs, his skin has improved greatly and the ear infection is under control.

After examination and x-rays for his leg, it was decided that the best option for Diesel would be a TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement) for his cruciate ligament injury. This will greatly relieve his pain and ensure he can be comfortable for his remaining years.

Diesel's surgery will cost around $2,500 and any donation towards it is greatly appreciated!

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Good luck Diesel!!!
Leona Tooley 2019-01-10 17:58:26
Love from Leo
David Blythman 2019-01-09 21:35:20
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