Please help Cadbury

By Cheryl Arsenault


Cadbury and his littermate Licorice were saved from a country NSW pound. Whilst in quarantine they both started to exhibit symptoms of parvo and despite trying everything little Licorice succumbed.  Cadbury was a very sick little pup who gave us a few worries but he came through after a week long fight. Everything was looking great he tested negative to show he had fought the parvo infection and was no longer shedding the virus.

Upon arriving into care with his loving foster family, Cadbury became seriously unwell and has been rushed to the Emergency Vet. He has an extremely high temperature and is lethargic with vomiting and diarrhoea. He has had an abdominal ultrasound, and we are waiting on bloods but he has quite a fight on his hands.  The vets now think he has some type of nasty opportunistic infection.

His white blood count was 45 so his body is trying to fight the infection which is good. He's on a drip, antibiotics and there going to put in a feeding tube as they said the one worrying thing is that he's so skinny after his fight with Parvo.

As usual we will do everything in our power to get him back to full health, but we really need your help. If you can donate something towards his care we would be forever grateful.

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