Wild West Freedom Ride

By Cheryl Arsenault

We have been inundated with requests from Pounds on the eastern seaboard with dogs and puppies who  need our help. Surrendered to pounds, or unclaimed starsy these guys have a limited time in the pounds as more and more dogs arrive each day.

In the last 10 days we have taken in over 30 dogs and puppies who needed us, incurring several thousand dollars in transport alone. But still more need help, we have carers in the West who can help, but we need your help to get them there. Can you help us help them, these dogs have been discarded by their families left in pounds with no assurance of a tomorrow.
Wecan give them that tomorrow, can you help us please. We have recently saved 2 pups from a pound North of Perth and had one of the pups fighting for life with Parvo, she won that battle but her vet bill cost us several thousand dollars. 

Your donations will go towards sending these pups from a cold concrete cell with an uncertain future to a foster home, where they will fell warmth and love, be safe and know we will find them a bright and happy future, one which they  had a right to the day they were born.

Thank you for your support

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