AWDRI Tough Mudder is back and we want your help!

The event is on Sunday, November 22nd and you can help raise funds by participating yourself or by fundraising on behalf of a friend who is doing it for AWDRI. We have our own team that you can join or you can run as an individual but all funds raised go back into helping our organisation save more lives.

Supporters/Donors can pledge to make a donation to support these participants, and to bet against them making the distance in a way. It’s fun, and it helps us save more lives! If the entrant completes the course, you pledge to double your donation. If your initial pledge is $25 or more then you’ll receive a nice ‘Thank You’ card in the mail later on. If the entrant fails to complete the course and/or fails to at least attempt to take on any of the obstacles in it, if your initial pledge is $25 or more, then you will receive a personalised card, a letter of apology, and a gift from the entrant. Of course the gift will have an AWDRI theme.

As a preview, the Tough Mudder courses are hardcore 18 to 21 kilometre obstacle courses designed by British special forces. Some of these obstacles include electric shock obstacles. To enter a Tough Mudder event, a death waiver must be signed (which they proudly remind entrants of at the start of the course). To read more about the course, please visit the following URL: